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Maybe it’s just me, but in 2017 I see a lot of poorly dressed people. Not poorly as in poor, but poorly as in “really? You’re out here in your pajamas?” When I see someone who appears to be older than 20 years walking around in their pajamas, or in clothes that look like they just got pulled out of a dirty hamper, I feel sad. SAD. Isn’t that absurd? Mainly because I don’t view that person as lazy, rather, I view them as not appreciating their own self-worth. Being alive is one of the great perks of living, and dressing as well as your personal funds will allow should be a part of our self-care. Disclaimer: I struggle with this myself. You are liable to find me on any given day in sweats and a t-shirt. As I suggest this to you, I also am working on improving this particular aspect of my well-being. We are in this world together!

So let’s agree that tomorrow, when we wake up and begin the day, we will care for our personal appearance as well as, if not better than, we care for our SUVs. Because we are amazing, and we should present ourselves as such!

NOTE: if anybody knows who I can attribute this beautiful female painting to, please let me know as I would love to cite their skill! Thank you!

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PollDaddy Results

I have done a terrible job of writing on this blog, as well as trying to gain followers. My success is directly related to my effort, so my poll has been taken three times. Three. As in “one more than two, and one less than four”. According to those awesome three people who took the time to give me their opinions, the majority (that would be two people) would return for interviews of women sharing their stories. I feel that way as well, so that is great to hear!

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The Digital Narrative

Ah, this is frightening, but here’s the video. Having to share it, I hope that our story can help someone else struggling to feel some sort of peace.

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The Amazingness of Living

For a class that I’m taking, I had to create a digital narrative that somehow related to the subject of this blog: Women and Their Amazingness. Immediately, my mind went to a specific time in my mom, and in our family’s, lives. Poor, formally uneducated, and without insurance is not a condition anyone wants to be in when a serious health diagnosis is set upon them. Yet that was the case when my mom was diagnosed with cancer. She’s been in remission for over twenty years–which is incredible considering the prognosis: with treatment, there was a good chance she would die; without it, she would be gone pretty quickly.

I’ve always had a great memory (until I had children, that is), but I don’t remember many details from those two years of our lives–just bits & pieces.  Yet when I completed my digital narrative on my mother & father’s relationship and this diagnosis so many years ago, I realized that this was clearly even more profound than I thought because it continues to pop up in my school assignments. It certainly had a tremendous effect on me personally, but it’s so much deeper than I knew.

So I created this narrative for a class project. Quite a few weeks later, I showed it to my Aunt & Uncle, who exclaimed how beautiful and touching it was, and who also reminded me of a few moments that I had forgotten during mom’s sickness. My Aunt asked me if I had shown it to my parent’s. “I haven’t” I told them. I was feeling a bit embarrassed–as I typically am with my creative creations. “I was still considering it” I told them. Slow forward two weeks later–just three days ago from the time I’m writing this post. I still didn’t feel comfortable showing them, but soon there might not be another chance. For at that moment, I was sitting at their dining room table discussing the news that we’d just received an hour before–that after twenty years, mom had another cancer.

And now I sit here, knowing that as part of my class requirement, I must post this digital narrative. But I am torn because I’m not sure that I am ready, but I am also currently in a strange place. Reliving an experience that cut so deeply. An experience that carved trenches in my heart, shifted me from one path to many different paths, and has left me forever scarred.

As a woman, I recall my mother’s strength during the battle for life or death that her body and mind endured. I remember her and my dad’s strength as they continued through those dark days, and for me–she, but also my dad–are amazing for how they handled it. It. That death that hovered over our house. That uncertainty. That incredible sadness. And as I sat across from them just three days ago, I couldn’t help but feel amazed again. It is their carry-on attitude. As the shock of the news settled in, Dad rested his hand on Mom’s arm and said “We’ll get through this” and shortly after, Mom went into the kitchen to make breakfast for her husband–as she has done for almost fifty years.

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Why now?

Why does this blog exist today? Why now when my life is so full? The honest answer is that although I have wanted to create a blog and post about amazing women, it is now because a blog project is a requirement for my school classes. In fact, I have two blogs going at the moment for two different requirements (albeit, they are currently going unenergetically). This blog is about the amazingness of women; my other blog is discussing Women and Their Religion–how religion affects the life choices that certain women make ( It is a school project at the moment, and reads like one. However, last week I reconnected with a friend that I haven’t had a conversation with in three years. Not for any other reason than we are in different phases of our lives and time has been blazing past both of us.

She surprised me with the news that she was divorced! A mother of four children, running her home and everyone’s schedules with incredible efficiency. I wasn’t surprised at the “divorce”–she and her husband had been living separate lives for many years through work and time constraints. I was surprised at the lack of support she reported from her family and how she felt that that existed because of her/their religious beliefs. This woman had committed so very much of herself to her husband, to her children, and to so many other people (I experienced her kindness firsthand), that I was stunned to hear that she was not being given all of the support and love that she needed during such a difficult transition. She wasn’t leaving small children motherless – her youngest were on their way out of the house.

She commented to me that as a Catholic, she was expected to be married; she was expected to have children; and she was certainly expected to stay in a marriage – happy or not – “til death do they part”. Yet somehow, she had found the strength within herself to take action so that she could pursue happiness for the remainder of her time on earth. Hopefully, a solid forty more years! For the woman I knew before the divorce, and for the woman who was able to get uncomfortable for the joy of the rest of her life, I feel that she is an Amazing Woman.

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Female Intricacies – An Introduction

With the eastern and western hemispheres of the world so drastically divided through cultures and, sometimes, religions, how can I define the amazingness of women? I am asking myself how I can measure this concept. There is no mathematical algorithm that can define what makes a woman amazing. The struggles of humanity vary, and for a woman, who’s physiological chemistry changes throughout her life – her ability to progress and be successful in her life are amazing to me on a small, daily scale as well as on a larger, lifelong scale.

It is an interesting fact that while men have typically viewed women as the “weaker sex”, women have often been viewed as the most powerful beings in history: “In Greek mythology, for example, it was a woman, Pandora, who opened the forbidden box and brought plagues and unhappiness to mankind” (wic); Eve of the famed Garden is also viewed as the reason for man’s miseries; and Mary, mother of Jesus, is revered in the Catholic church. Let us not forget also that life grows inside of a woman’s body. Of course, an equally, but altogether differently amazing male is required for this creation, but I find it uniquely amazing that a human being can grow inside the body of a woman.

Societies have had Queens, such as Cleopatra and Elizabeth; and leaders such as Angela Merkel, the current Chancellor of Germany, and Marillyn A. Hewson, the current President and CEO of Lockheed Martin (lockheed). We see successful women such as Michelle Obama, Ivanka Trump, Betty White, and the incredible young woman called Malala Yousafzai. With their individual accomplishments, almost all of these women were/are also mothers. Dual roles that are seemingly impossible to manage on their own, let alone simultaneously. How then, do women do it? How are they able to lift themselves up in a world that largely sees them as “less than”? How do they lift themselves to overcome the bias that exists regarding their capabilities and thus, opportunities for education? How do they have babies, this incredible experience that wreaks havoc on their bodies and exhaustion in their minds, and yet still lift themselves up to continue the work they were doing before or to pursue success they hadn’t previously dreamed of? How do they walk through life in the body they were given, only to have it admired or ridiculed – and in the darkest of circumstances, violated – only to lift themselves up, continuing to pursue their goals and their dreams? Women do it because they are amazing.

The mama down the street who didn’t know how tired she would be. The woman downtown who sips wine and laughs with friends on a Friday night, but occasionally laments the loss of creating her own family. The woman who seems to have it all – family and career, her personal struggles unknown to passersby. The woman who has all of that, but also the added burden of paparazzi chronicling her every move, waiting to pounce on every perceived misstep. The woman who lives her life while bombs explode around her day and night. All of these women are amazing in their own ways, and collectively, women are the only people who can truly know what it is to be a woman. Although we may not know what it is to fall asleep to the sound of bombs, or to wake up with a thousand cameras outside our door, women do know what it is to navigate life with all of our female intricacies.

I am personally not absent of inappropriateness or judgment, but I wholly believe that women should support each other – even in the occasional face of uncalled-for laughter. Through this blog, I hope to create a community of respect for all of our trials and heartaches, accomplishments and joys, because women need women. We are each other’s village that is so clearly absent from modern society – for children, teenagers, young women, mothers, and cranky old ladies. Whether mothers or not, it is my opinion that women need the healthy support and guidance of other women. This is my journey into finding that village.

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