Why now?

Why does this blog exist today? Why now when my life is so full? The honest answer is that although I have wanted to create a blog and post about amazing women, it is now because a blog project is a requirement for my school classes. In fact, I have two blogs going at the moment for two different requirements (albeit, they are currently going unenergetically). This blog is about the amazingness of women; my other blog is discussing Women and Their Religion–how religion affects the life choices that certain women make (https://thatsinterestingsite.wordpress.com/). It is a school project at the moment, and reads like one. However, last week I reconnected with a friend that I haven’t had a conversation with in three years. Not for any other reason than we are in different phases of our lives and time has been blazing past both of us.

She surprised me with the news that she was divorced! A mother of four children, running her home and everyone’s schedules with incredible efficiency. I wasn’t surprised at the “divorce”–she and her husband had been living separate lives for many years through work and time constraints. I was surprised at the lack of support she reported from her family and how she felt that that existed because of her/their religious beliefs. This woman had committed so very much of herself to her husband, to her children, and to so many other people (I experienced her kindness firsthand), that I was stunned to hear that she was not being given all of the support and love that she needed during such a difficult transition. She wasn’t leaving small children motherless – her youngest were on their way out of the house.

She commented to me that as a Catholic, she was expected to be married; she was expected to have children; and she was certainly expected to stay in a marriage – happy or not – “til death do they part”. Yet somehow, she had found the strength within herself to take action so that she could pursue happiness for the remainder of her time on earth. Hopefully, a solid forty more years! For the woman I knew before the divorce, and for the woman who was able to get uncomfortable for the joy of the rest of her life, I feel that she is an Amazing Woman.

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