Personal Appearance


Feminine beauty

Maybe it’s just me, but in 2017 I see a lot of poorly dressed people. Not poorly as in poor, but poorly as in “really? You’re out here in your pajamas?” When I see someone who appears to be older than 20 years walking around in their pajamas, or in clothes that look like they just got pulled out of a dirty hamper, I feel sad. SAD. Isn’t that absurd? Mainly because I don’t view that person as lazy, rather, I view them as not appreciating their own self-worth. Being alive is one of the great perks of living, and dressing as well as your personal funds will allow should be a part of our self-care. Disclaimer: I struggle with this myself. You are liable to find me on any given day in sweats and a t-shirt. As I suggest this to you, I also am working on improving this particular aspect of my well-being. We are in this world together!

So let’s agree that tomorrow, when we wake up and begin the day, we will care for our personal appearance as well as, if not better than, we care for our SUVs. Because we are amazing, and we should present ourselves as such!

NOTE: if anybody knows who I can attribute this beautiful female painting to, please let me know as I would love to cite their skill! Thank you!

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