I have found myself greatly attracted to strong men and women in life. “Strong” being a relative term. I admire tremendous intelligence. I admire genuine confidence. I have an aversion to unearned arrogance. As I tripped and stumbled my way into adulthood, I realized that although I had love, I was not receiving the guidance I needed to be the woman I wanted to be. I have observed life around me, and although there are definitely exceptional women in this American society – and certainly across the world – there are countless numbers of women who, for whatever reasons, have lost their feelings of worthiness. Women that work incredibly hard for their existence, but who lack a feeling of fulfillment and/or inner peace. Yet all of these women are amazing.

Make no mistake, there are fabulous men that are intelligent, manly, well-groomed and musky smelling, but this blog is not about them. It is about women.

Women are amazing. I intend to use this blog to highlight the daily amazingness of women. To celebrate. To acknowledge. To recognize this amazingness as something special to be shared with – and amongst – other women. To remind the world why the excellence of women matters, and to remind women why they matter. My goal is to not only tell stories, but to be a resource for women looking for ideas and assistance on how to become their best selves. My beginnings will be like any good road trip – I expect some bumps in the road, a few wrong turns that may or may not end badly –  but ultimately, I expect to finish the night with good friends and wide-open laughter. I look forward to your company.